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Academic Calendar


Applications can be submitted at any stage of the year for admission to one of our three trimesters.

2019 Academic Year

  Trimester 1 Trimester 2
 Trimester 3
Start Date 18 February 2019 3 June 2019 16 September 2019
End Date 12 May 2019 25 August 2019 8 December 2019
Census date  8 March 2019  21 June 2019  4 October 2019


2018 Academic Year

  Trimester 1 Trimester 2
 Trimester 3
Start Date 19 February 2018 4 June 2018 17 September 2018
End Date 11 May 2018 24 August 2018 7 December 2018
Census date 16 March 2018 22 June 2018 5 October 2018

Trimesters at LCI Melbourne

What is a trimester?

Our academic year (January – December) is divided into three twelve week study periods, called ‘trimesters’. 

How long is the degree under the Trimester calendar?

The Bachelor of Design Arts can be undertaken in two or more years: 

  • Three years - the program is delivered over three years to students studying full-time; OR
  • Two years - students can accelerate their studies by taking extra units and potentially completing the degree in two years, rather than three; OR
  • Longer than three years - Students can choose a lighter part time workload, to balance study with work or personal commitments (6 years)

How do trimesters benefit students?

Our trimester calendar has a number of benefits. It allows students to set the pace of their own study. Our international LCI Education partner campuses also run on a trimester system, allowing students to take full advantage of our global connections and seamlessly join a trimester abroad.  

Are all trimesters compulsory?

Yes. Our units are delivered across all three trimesters. Students undertaking a two year or three year degree are required to study in all three trimesters. 

How many units can I take per trimester?

Students studying a regular full-time load over three years can undertake 10 units per academic year; or accelerate their studies by taking 15 units per academic year with a fast-tracked degree over two years. 

For more details about trimesters, see our FAQs, Domestic Fees or International Fees