Pseudonym By Dean Golja
May 06 to 31, 2022 – 09 a.m. 05 p.m.

Pseudonym by Dean Golja

LCI Melbourne is honoured to host Pseudonym, a photographic exhibition by Dean Golja in our gallery space this May. The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Justine Roach, to raise awareness for and in recognition of St Kilda Gatehouse’s 30th Anniversary.

May 06 to 31, 2022 – 09 a.m. 05 p.m.

150 Oxford St, Collingwood, 3066

Open for viewing during trading hours

In 2016, Dean Golja and Justine Roach sought to form a relationship with St Kilda Gatehouse based on the difficult work that they undertake for marginalised women in the community. Together, within the polemised nature of this issue and the selfless work of this of this organisation, that they built this creative endeavour, with the intention of raising awareness.

Pseudonym is a series of photographic markers that are based on accounts, experiences and locations frequented by an individual that remains nameless and, for the most part, unseen. Ordinary and commonplace scenes evoke an inner, psychological perspective, as if there is always someone present in the picture, urging for some notice.

The exhibition will be on display in our gallery space between May 6-31, visit us on any weekday for a curatorial tour of the works. Please note, the exhibition will not be available for viewing on May 26 between 8am-1pm.

“Our vision is that women involved in street-based sex work or young women and girls affected by sexual exploitation have access to the space, support and connections they need to respond to challenges and to cultivate personal strengths aiding recovery and empowerment.”
- St Kilda Gatehouse

Major Sponsors: 
Sigma (camera), Ilford (photographic paper), LCI Melbourne (Design and Art Education) 

Supported by:
On Stone, On Metal, Cultural Development Consulting

Regional Arts Victoria - Sustaining Creative Workers Initiative 2021.

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