Credit Transfer and RPL

Credit Transfer

If you have completed previous studies at other universities, TAFEs or any other educational providers, you may find that you could get credit from the Bachelor of Design Arts based on the units that you have completed.

Speak to your admissions advisor to discuss credit transfer. 

LCI Melbourne is able to offer credit to applicants who have already successfully completed modules/units in relevant courses at other higher education providers or registered training organisations at the certificate, diploma or degree level.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process by which a student’s life experience and work history are measured against the content of the course in which they have enrolled. If prior learning is relevant to that course, students may be exempt from some units. Should their RPL application be successful they will receive an ungraded pass in those units.

Students applying for RPL will be required to show where their prior learning and/or experience may be relevant. They may also be requested to attend an interview to discuss their application and, in some cases, to undertake a test to assess their existing knowledge and skill levels.

Further information is available on request with Speak to your admissions advisor to discuss recognition of prior learning.

How to Apply for Credit Transfer / RPL

Please download and complete the form at the bottom of the page. This should be submitted to LCI Melbourne together with the Direct Application for Admission form.

The application fee is $50 per assessment of an application for up to 100 credit points, and $100 per assessment of an application for more than 100 credit points.

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