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About Us

Our Unique Programs

At LCI Melbourne you are given the opportunity to create your own future. You will be working with academics who are active designers and artists in their respective fields. Our bachelor of design art in Melbourne is a multi-disciplinary degree that propels you to discover your creative potential through innovative solutions to globally relevant design challenges. No more cookie-cutter degrees for you! It is time for you to have control on your future by customizing your degree as you progress. 

Bachelor of Design Arts

During your first year with us, you will have the opportunity to explore different facets of art and design through lectures, hands-on workshops and creative labs. This will allow you to then personalise the remaining of your bachelor with the selection of a major and sub-major in Fashion & Costume Design, Filmmaking & Photography, Graphic & Digital Design, Interior Design, or Visual Arts.

The Bachelor of Design Arts allows students to take a major and sub-major combination in the following programs:

Higher Education Design Diplomas

Our Design Higher Education Diplomas in Melbourne will teach you how to combine developmental, creative and professional skills to solve a range of imaginative problems. During your course you will explore foundation design concepts, industry led briefs and work towards the development of a personal design ethos.

Our diplomas are tailor-made to encourage you to explore your creativity, test ideas in practical environments and benefit from the mentorship of teachers who are active in industry. You will be equipped with the guidance and resources to develop a suite of contemporary skills and expertise that make our graduates some of the most sought-after designers in the country.

You can then use the qualification as a direct pathway to our Bachelor of Design Arts or establish an entry pathway to work in the field that you love.

The design diplomas offered are the following:

Features of LCI Melbourne

LCI Melbourne's features include: