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Our Governance

LCI Melbourne is part of a growing global network of higher education institutions focussing on creative arts, design, fashion and language. LCI Education Network is a proud privately owned company with a base in Canada and campuses in 23 countries. LCI institutions have been having a positive impact on the lives of creative students for over 60 years. We are a growing higher education college managed here in Melbourne with a supportive framework of peer colleges to inspire us and connect us and our community with truly global perspectives.

Our Governance involves a Board of Directors who oversee our strategy, policy, safety and growth plans with robust reporting, stretch KPIs and regular monitoring of compliance and educational requirements. The Board oversees our governance, regulatory and fiduciary requirements in accordance with Australian and Victorian legislation and regulations.

Our Board has a wealth of experience, including directors with expert perspectives from Higher Education, design, art, fashion, governance, finance and management.

Our Executive has a diverse and immense set of knowledge, expertise and experience aligned with the identified needs of our business. The Executive, which implement plans and targets set by the Board, provide business operations, deliver strategy, policy and workforce management outcomes and strive to continuously lift the performance and capability of the LCIM team. The Executive team lead, manage and support LCIM’s incredible staff to deliver great educational experiences for our students and our community.

We have an Executive Committee and specialist Board Committees to ensure effective and focussed organisational governance and regulatory priorities are met. These include our Finance Audit and Risk Committee and our Academic Board.

The Finance Audit and Risk Committee supports the Board and the Executive to deliver high quality administration, policy, financial, audit and reporting outcomes, business and regulatory requirements and to oversight appropriate management of risks and to ensure effective contemporary business practices are a hallmark of our business operations. The Committee has business, finance, governance, Higher Education and arts expertise and includes LCI Executive team and a range of public and private sector independent Directors.

The Academic Board supports the Board to oversee Academic governance to deliver high quality educational outcomes that contribute to and support our students’ success. The Academic Board reviews and monitors include regulatory compliance, reviews of Programs and awards, registration and accreditation. Chaired by a Director with substantial Higher Education expertise, the Academic Board composition includes the Dean and Principal, Academic Coordinators, Student Representatives and External Academic Advisors from high profile Tertiary Institutions.

We previously traded as Academy of Design Australia Pty Ltd, until acquired by the LCI Education network in 2015. To access the National Register for more information on LCI Melbourne’s regulatory status click here. Should you require any further information, please contact us.