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1) Refunds Resulting from Course Cancellation

LCI Melbourne will refund, within 14 days, all fees where LCI Melbourne cancels the course or where the commencement of the course is postponed more than one semester.

2) Refunds Resulting from Student Withdrawals

A student withdrawing from a course or units of study, whether before or after the census date, should give written notice of their withdrawal, the reason/s why and any supporting documentation to the Registrar. Students wishing to alter their enrolment should complete the Student Enrolment Variation form. Students wishing to withdraw from the course entirely should complete the Notification of Student Withdrawal form. Both forms are available from the General Office.

Withdrawal Before the Census Date

Where a student withdraws from a course prior to the census date, any upfront tuition fees already paid to LCI Melbourne will be refunded as follows:

  • From enrolment until two weeks after commencement, a full refund of any tuition fees paid minus a withdrawal fee of $50 per unit.
  • From two weeks after commencement until the census date, a full refund of any tuition fees paid minus a withdrawal fee of $100 per unit.

Students who have applied for FEE-HELP assistance will not incur a FEE-HELP debt for their current units if they withdraw before the census date but will be liable for a withdrawal fee as follows:

  • Withdrawal from enrolment until two weeks after commencement - $50 per unit.
  • Withdrawal from two weeks after commencement until the census date - $100 per unit.

Notification of Withdrawal forms will not be accepted for processing unless accompanied by the applicable withdrawal fee. This amount will be calculated upon the date on which the form, with accompanying payment, is accepted for processing. Students who have already paid upfront tuition fees may elect to have the withdrawal fee deducted from the balance due to be refunded.

3) How to Apply for a Refund

A refund application is included in the Notification of Withdrawal form. Once the form is accepted for processing (see above), in accordance with the provisions of this policy on tuition fee refunds LCI Melbourne will, within 28 days of receipt of written notification, refund fees paid.

4) Cancellation of Enrolment Arising From Student Default

A cancellation fee of 100% of the current semester fee applies where a student’s enrolment is cancelled for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to maintain satisfactory course progress
  • Failure to pay course fees
  • Behaviour in breach of LCI Melbourne’s Student Code of Conduct, published in the Student Handbook.

LCI Melbourne reserves the right to withhold granting the Award attained by the student if their fees remain outstanding. If a student wishes to appeal a decision regarding their application for a refund they should access LCI Melbourne’s Grievance Procedures: Non-Academic Matters.