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Miko Holt

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November 03, 2016

With the 2016 study tour to Paris and London just completed, it is great to hear the experiences of one of the attendees, Miko Holt, below.  Miko had some great opportunities during the two week trip including the opportunity to photograph at Paris Fashion Week!

About Study Tour

The professional Europe study tour was instrumental in shaping my creative direction as a filmmaker. The group consisted of an amazing mix of humanity - 9 other students and 2 tutors, and altogether we set off for two weeks to uncover the treasure trove of European art, fashion & design…and lets be honest - food! The best moments were the unplanned ones, of which there are too many to name.

In London, stumbling upon a small art exhibition of PHD students led to a spontaneous long chat with one of the fore-runners of projection mapping - Yiyun Kang, we discussed the psychological implications of the new art form. Something profound resonated within me, and I was inspired to combine technology, art and experience in a whole new way. It made me realise that projection mapping is not to be just a form of entertainment for the masses - like the kind found at White Night - but has the tremendous ability to alter the experiential reality of the viewer, that was big news for me!

My greatest creative dream has long been to make fashion films, so it goes without saying that the most anticipated aspect of the trip was the Paris Fashion Week. But, you know, it’s possibly the most hush-hush fashion event ever! With no insider connections, the thought of attending any of the runways was quickly distracted by the scrumptious bread I always held in one hand, while I took photos with the other. But the story had just begun; when visiting a Parisian art college, our tutor bumped into an old friend Elli Ioannou, who just so happened to teach at the Academy of Design many years ago, who just so happens to be a freelance fashion photographer, who just so happens to have connections into Paris Fashion Week…and you can imagine the rest. Two days later I found myself alongside her shooting at the exclusive runways of Pascal Millet and Christian Wijnants. I must admit, shooting nearby various heavy-weight photographers from publications such as The New York Times at first left me a little daunted, but as Elli took me under her wing and imparted her knowledge and experience to me, I felt my confidence towards fashion photography soar.

I’ve come back with a new confidence to just be myself within my creative practice, which has brought with it an excitement to explore fashion photography and projection media in new ways.

It goes without saying that since the European Study Tour, my creativity has grown more than it would in 8 months! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore all the new world of possibilities ahead of them.

Miko Holt’s Instagram with more tour photos - @seethroughmiko

Projection Mapping Artist Yiyun Kang -

Freelance Fashion Photographer Elli Ioannou - Instagram: @elli_ioannou

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