May 03 to June 01, 2018 – 08:30 a.m. 06 p.m.

LCI Melbourne Launch Exhibition

An exhibition celebrating the cast of colourful characters who have produced artwork for Juddy Roller.  

May 03 to June 01, 2018 – 08:30 a.m. 06 p.m.

150 Oxford Street Collingwood 3066


The Art of Juddy Roller

Juddy Roller is streets ahead with their unwavering enthusiasm for public art. Their regular roster working with artists with both local and international profiles – including Adnate, Kaff-eine, Rone, George Rose, Smug, and Sofles to name just a few – means the sky is literally the limit. Led by Shaun Hossack, the foundation of the business is the artists, and Juddy Roller has developed into a well-established community of passionate individuals. They’re people with something to say who want to revolutionise the way society engages with public spaces. Through art, they’ve changed Australia’s urban landscapes, usually reflecting the identities of people in their local communities. Wherever they make their mark, Juddy’s team try to bring about positive change, with an emphasis on regional areas.

There is no doubt that Juddy Roller’s pivotal project is the Silo Art Trail, a testament to the fact murals can lift local economies. The impact the silo artworks have had in regional areas is tremendous. Beyond the Silo Art Trail, Juddy Roller has played a significant role in public art with projects that include both the Upper West Side precinct and Benalla’s Wall to Wall festival, now in its fourth consecutive year, and regarded as the largest regional street art festival in Australia.

Juddy Roller is the benchmark of bridging the gap between art and business. That is the premise of good art, and as Andy Warhol often reminded us in the past, “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

Melbourne is one of the street art capitals of the world, and Collingwood and Fitzroy, where thye are based, is the heart of this thriving art form. Juddy Roller's strengths lie in everything from artist consultancy, curation, festival management and large-scale mural projects. The future is bright – bigger, better, bolder – and growing. Juddy Roller is an award-winning street art network operating on a local level with global ambitions. They offer value beyond just beautifying public spaces – the real beauty is in being able to enrich and elevate the profile of urban and regional communities.

This exhibition is a look back on what has been achieved, with the majority of the photography taken by Nicole Reed. According to Hossack, however, “The best is yet to come.” Juddy Roller champion artists of the past, present and future, and are here to stay. The artists featured in the exhibition have all had opportunities with Juddy Roller, and in their own right become an artistic force. Enjoy this retrospective ride…

The exhibition was commissioned especially for LCI Melbourne’s street art-themed inauguration event. The public can also view new artworks on the campus walls by street artists Smug, Kitt Bennett and alumni Mitch Walder, as well as fine artist Michael Peck.

When: 3 May - 1 June | Mondays to Fridays only (closed weekends) 8.30am - 6pm

Where: LCI Melbourne Gallery, 150 Oxford Street, Collingwood, 3060

Cost: Donation recommended - all proceeds go towards the LCI Education Foundation

Art Direction: Eddie Zammit
Design: Naina Knoess
Photography: Nicole Reed

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