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2018 Academic Year

  Trimester 1 Trimester 2
 Trimester 3
Start Date 19 February 2018 4 June 2018 17 September 2018
End Date 11 May 2018 24 August 2018 7 December 2018

Trimesters at LCI Melbourne – launching in 2018!

What is a trimester?

Our academic calendar up until the end of 2017 was based on two sixteen week study periods per year, known as semesters. From 2018, an academic year (January – December) will be divided into three twelve week study periods, called ‘trimesters’. 

When will trimesters commence?

Trimesters will be introduced at the start of the academic year in 2018. Trimester 1 will start on 19 Feburary; Trimester 2 on 4 June; and Trimester 3 on 17 September.

How long is the degree under the Trimester calendar?

The Bachelor of Design Arts can be undertaken in two or more years: 

  • Three years - the program is delivered over three years to students studying full-time; OR
  • Two years - Students can accelerate their studies by taking extra units and complete sooner, potentially in two years, rather than three; OR
  • Longer than three years - Students can choose a lighter part time workload, to balance study with work or personal commitments (6 years)

How will trimesters benefit students?

Our trimester calendar has a number of benefits. It allows students to set the pace of their own study (see above). Our international LCI Education partner campuses already run on a trimester system. By shifting to trimesters, students can take full advantage of our global connections and seamlessly join a trimester abroad.  

Will all trimesters be compulsory?

Under our new degree design, units will be delivered across all three trimesters. Students undertaking a two year or three year degree will be required to study in all three trimesters. 

How many units can I take per trimester?

Students studying a regular full-time load over three years can undertake 10 units per academic year; or accelerate their studies by taking 15 units per academic year with a fast-tracked degree over two years. 

For more details about trimesters, see our FAQs, Domestic Fees or International Fees.